[Android] "Google Play Store Has Stopped" Error on Moto G (3rd Gen)

A recent Google update has unfortunately broken the Play Store functionality on some of our phones, most notably the Moto G (3rd Gen) model.

At the moment, here's the workaround for the Moto G (3rd Gen):

1. First, click here to download an APK file to install the corrected file onto your TextNow phone. (Click on that link from your TextNow phone, not from another device or computer.) You should see a page that looks similar to this: 

2. Click on the green Download APK button to download the APK.

This will download the file to your TextNow phone.

4. Before you open the file, make sure your security settings are set to be able to install the APK file. On your device, go to your main Settings app and then tap Security. Make sure the Unknown Sources switch is set to ON

5. Once the file is downloaded to your device, it should open automatically. (If not, pull down the Notifications screen by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom, and tap on the downloaded file.) Click on "Install" and then "Open". 

6. After the APK file installs, you should be able to open the Play Store normally. You may get a few other pop ups that you still can't log in; try opening it a few more times and it should work. 

If you're still having trouble accessing the Play Store after these instructions, please contact Support using the chat window on this page.

if you have another device aside from the Moto G 3rd Gen that is receiving this error, please contact our Support team for more assistance.

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  • Avatar
    Teresa McClinton

    I have the samsung prevail 2 that is having the same problem

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Good morning Teresa,

    Sorry to hear about your device issues! I was able to find your email, and responded to it with some troubleshooting steps :)

    Please feel free to continue the conversation there, and let us know if the issues persist/you require any further assistance!

  • Avatar
    Dustin Carlyle

    So I have had this phone for 2 days and almost every app I click on say "unfortunately, the app has stopped. The only thing I can do is make phone calls. Even Google search don't work.

  • Avatar
    Matthew TextNow Support

    So sorry to hear about the Google Play Store issues! At this point, please contact us so that we can confirm the issues with a few tests. Please ensure to have your TextNow device fully charged for testing, and use any other phone to reach us.

    You can reach us by chat, available on any of our Support pages, between the following hours (Eastern Standard Time):

    * Monday - Friday: 9am - 9pm
    * Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 4pm

    We are looking forward to resolving this for you!

  • Avatar
    Carrie Tarleton

    First day having this phone (moto g 3), first problems with battery draining every 3 hours, now I find that google play encounters error every time I try to get an app and the "work around" doesnt work, and to top the cake there's some uicc unlock update that pops up randomly, but fairly constantly. This is insane. I gave text now another try because the intrusive activation pop-up had finally been fixed only to find a whole slew of new issues with the new phone. This is why I chose the smallest plan (13.99) this time, so im only out the cost of the phone and $14. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. You know what they say, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Avatar
    Matthew TextNow Support

    Hi Carrie,

    I'm very sorry for the issues you've been having with the service and I thank you for bringing your account to our attention.

    When I looked into what may be causing some of the problems you mentioned I discovered that you don't live in a coverage area. That is why the phone is having trouble connecting and popping up with SIM card errors, the phone is struggling to obtain a single from the surrounding area but cannot establish a connection. The problem is, the phone will keep trying to connect which will affect the battery and other services.

    As we will not be able to provide coverage in your area, please contact one of our agents for a full refund for the phone and plan. Click the 'Chat with us' button at the bottom of this page and they will be happy to get that processed for you.

    Sorry it didn't work out for you but we hope you'll still enjoy the free app.