Swap Devices On Your Account

Want to move your TextNow service to another eligible phone or device? TextNow has improved your Wireless Account page to let you swap the active device on your account. Here's a quick guide:

1. Login to your TextNow account and go to your Wireless Account page.

2. Click on Manage Device

3. Click on Swap Active Device.


4. You're now on the Check Eligibility page. Enter in the ESN or IMEI number from the device you'd like to move your TextNow service to.


5. After entering your ESN or IMEI number:



6. Click the Submit button and follow the steps on the next page on your new device.


The new device will reboot up to two times; after it finishes rebooting, download the TextNow app to that new device (if you haven't already) and sign into your account on the app.

And that's it! You'll be able to use that new device with your TextNow account, both on and off wifi.


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