Save The Data: Connecting To Wifi

Using a WiFi connection is generally preferable to using a 3G/4G connection: you'll generally have a faster and more reliable internet connection with better call quality and, most importantly, WiFi won't use up the data on your plan.

Your phone will connect to and remember many different WiFi networks. You can join your home WiFi, connect to your friends or family members' WiFi at the places you frequently visit, or search for public WiFI networks in your vicinity. (Note that public WiFi may require opening your browser to complete an additional sign-in page.) 

To join a WiFi network in your area, go to the Settings application > WiFi > and select the WiFi network name. It can also be known as the SSID (stands for Service Set Identifier), which is a fancy way of saying it's the wifi network name. 



Enter the password when it asks you for a password:


Once you’ve setup your WiFi you will see Connected under the WiFi name (Network SSID).

When connected to WiFi you will also see this wifi symbol on the notification bar across the top of your device: 

If that symbol is lit up, you're connected to wifi and your 3G/4G data is not being used. Also, the symbol will show you a quick indication of your wifi signal strength: if only one or two bars are lit up, your connection is poor. If it's all four bars, it's strong.

Next time you are in proximity of that same WiFi network you've just set up, your device will remember and connect to it automatically.


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  • Avatar
    kare lawson

    Iwant to know if this phone work with wifi so its not working

  • Avatar
    Erin TextNow Support

    Hi Kare,

    I'm not quite clear on what your inquiry is referring to, but our service does require Wifi or Data service to work. It looks like you're using a free TextNow account so you will be required to be connected to Wifi since you're not receiving Data from us.

  • Avatar
    Josh Gomez

    Question about 2g fair policy! It says 170mb of data used 3 or more consecutive days, what if I use 100-130mb each day of the week? Will that count towards suspension?

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey Josh! That would not count toward suspension, as per our policy. Just beware that this would only come into effect while on the 2G network, and to keep in mind that any indication that you're using your data as a replacement for a Wi-Fi network (such as reaching 10X your data allotment within your billing cycle) can trigger a suspension as well.