Fraud Screening

Every purchase made counts for us, and we consider it to be important to protect both us and the consumer from any potential fraudulent orders.

To that end, we employ fraud screening software that will flag orders that seem incorrect. If your order is flagged by our fraud screening process, you'll see this on your My Wireless Account page:



IMPORTANT NOTE: As the above screen says, for your credit card we only need to see the last four digits of your card number, your name, and the expiration date. For your ID, we need to see a government-issued ID - we will not accept student cards, bus passes, or other cards. 

Once you have the pictures saved to your desktop, or on your mobile device, click on the Select buttons to upload the images of the credit card and ID, respectively, and then click Submit.

Order Status Messages:

On your Wireless Account page, you can see the current status of your order. Here's what the order statuses mean:

Order Status Message What's It Mean?
Pending (fraud screen) We're waiting on documents (ID, credit card) before being able to proceed with the order.
In review You've uploaded documents, and our fraud team is reviewing them.
Processed We're received your documents, and your order has cleared fraud screening.
Your order is complete! Your order is ready to go!


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    null null

    Will not allow me to upload photo. Tried Support chat...Joseph told me to call in. No one will answer phone. Support is the key to a good business thriving.

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    Erin TextNow Support

    Good morning,

    In order to complete your fraud screening we will need to either receive the required photos or complete a conference call with you and your financial institution. We understand that our hold times can be long at times, but we are ding our best to help each customer that calls in. If you'd prefer not to call, you can still send us the photos to as well to get your order passed.