Group Messaging with TextNow

What's group messaging?

Group messaging is a way to have more than one person take part in your Conversations at the same time. With TextNow, you can up to twenty-five people to the same message thread and talk to all of them together. Here's how!

Starting a Group Message:

Starting a group message is the same on both the TextNow Android and iOS app, and on our web and desktop versions. For simplicity, we're showing you the Android version in these examples:

First step is to start a new text message. You can enter a contact's phone number, TextNow username if they're a TextNow customer, or name or nickname from your contacts stored on your device, as seen below.




You'll also notice that there is an option to broadcast, rather than start a group message. Broadcasting is when you want a send the same message to multiple people, but also want to respond to each of them separately in their own separate Conversation. (With group messaging, everybody in the group sees all the responses.)

Name Your Group

When you start a group message, the name of the group is just the names or numbers you entered. Your contacts can change the group name by entering a new group name at the top of the message screen:



Group Management

Each person in the group has access to some group management options. TextNow users can access options through the Options button in the top right-hand corner, like this:




Non-TextNow users can access group management functions by using commands, starting with the # symbol. Here's the commands you can use, and what they do:  


#help Shows the command menu
#list Lists the current members of the group
#invite Invite another person to the group by entering #invite along with the person's number. 
#name Change the way your name in the group appears. Enter #name along with the name change. Note this only changes your name within this group, not everywhere in TextNow.
#leave Leave the group.
#textnow Find out a little more about TextNow.
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  • Avatar
    Jayla Wood

    Um I did #invite and their number butttttt I don't think it worked

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey Jayla! They would need to accept the invitation to join the group.

    If you can confirm that they never received the message, please reach out to our live chat support so we can test this out further :)

  • Avatar
    Suzy Lipke

    I need to know if my Samsung galaxy note edge is released can I use a text now SIM card in it?

  • Avatar
    Suzy Lipke

    I need to know if my Samsung galaxy note edge is released can I use a text now SIM card in it?

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey Suzy! We can certainly take a look at the compatibility of your Samsung device with our service. Please head over to our live chat support with the IMEI number ready, so we can help you out further :)

  • Avatar
    Ki Xiong

    I want to know how to join a group chat! Please tell me ASAP please. I would appreciate it!

  • Avatar
    Erin TextNow Support

    Hi Ki,

    It is likely that you are not able to be added to an existing group chat, this will depend on the platform that the chat is occurring in though. Either way, to be added to an existing group a current member will have to add you, or you will have to start a brand new chat group.

  • Avatar
    Jayden H

    Hi, So my friend who doesn't have the textnow app added me to a group chat with her friends. Why are the messages they send not sending in a group, but directly to me as a single message?

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey Jayden! Group messaging as a whole is a bit more complicated across carriers. It is not supported by most SMS plans, and since our service is purely VoIP-based, it will not function as expected when added to a group from a non TextNow, cellular user.

    In order to enjoy the full experience of group messaging, you as the TextNow user would have to be the one initiating the group. That way, all the messages will come in to that group, and be sent normally across all numbers.

    Edited by Valeria TextNow Support