How To Start A Family Plan

TextNow is pleased to announce our new Family Plans!

If you don't currently have a TextNow phone plan, head on over to our Phones & Plans to buy a phone or a TextNow SIM card and a plan, or activate a compatible device with TextNow. Once you've set up your own phone plan, you can add up to ten additional lines controlled by your account. 

When you've signed up for your TextNow phone plan, or if you're already a TextNow customer, follow these steps to get your Family Plans set up:

1. First, head to your My Wireless Account page on your browser and click on Manage plans:

2. Click Add another wireless line and save on the next page to add up to ten additional lines to your existing plan.

Depending on your particular needs, you can either activate an eligible device or SIM card from another carrier, or purchase one of our affordable devices or TextNow SIM cards. Clicking on Buy a phone or SIM will lead you through the buying process, and you can proceed with step 5. You can also click on Add A TextNow Wireless user to add an existing TextNow customer's account to your Family Plan.

3. If you already have a phone compatible with TextNow, click on Activate under Activate an eligible device or SIM and enter the user information for the person you'd like on the family plan: a valid email address, a password for the account, and the person's first and last name. (See below for an example.) Once that's done, click Continue.

4. Then, select your device type (Android or iOS) and enter the MEID number.

5. Choose a plan!

You can also check the coverage in your area for our networks on this page. Once you're ready, click Proceed to continue.

6. On the next page, you'll see the information already populated for the credit card on your main Family Plan account. If you would like to port in a number for this account to use, you can do it on this page as well; otherwise, click Submit Order

That's it! If you would like to add more lines, click on Add another wireless line & save and repeat these steps. 

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  • Avatar
    Paris Hurt

    How do you actually speak to someone at text now? I prefer to speak with, what I might start business with.

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hi Paris! For any business inquiries, please email us at

  • Avatar
    Sonia Jones

    A need to know question are we going to pay for minutes or unlimited ..calling texting etc...and can we take our phones and use them with or without wifi or just where wifi is avaliable ? Sonia an Elena jones. San Antonio Tx.

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey Sonia!

    We don't have any set minutes with our plans. All of our plans (including the free service) provide you with unlimited calling and texting. If you sign up for our wireless subscription, it will provide you with data to use outside of Wi-Fi.

    If you only use our free service, then you will need a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Avatar
    Cole Elam

    I hate that there isn’t a number to call someone...... I tried to add a line to an account and it ended up just starting a whole new account so I’m paying double instead of getting the discount. How do I combined accounts to make a family plan?