How To Manage Your Family Plan

We're glad you've decided to take advantage of our Family Plans!

As the owner of a TextNow Family Plan, you'll be able to manage the devices and plans of all the devices in your Family Plan. If you're looking to simply add another line to your Family Plan, click here to jump right to it. Otherwise, read on for an overview of how to manage your Family Plan:

Log into your account at, and head to your Wireless Account page. From there, click on Add & Manage Plans under My Family Plan:


That will bring you to the page where you can manage each of the phones and plans under your Family Plan:


Clicking on Manage Plan on any of the phones on your account will bring you to a page where you can change the plan on that phone, swap devices, add a new device, port a number from another carrier, and cancel the plan altogether. Using Daughter's plan as an example in the above picture, here's what that phone manage page looks like:


Here's what you can do with each of these options:

Change Plan: Change the plan this member is on. If you choose a plan with more data, you'll have the choice of starting that new plan immediately (we'll charge you the difference between the two plans for the remainder of your month), or waiting until your current bill cycle is over before starting on the higher plan. (If you're downgrading, we always start it on your next billing cycle.)


Manage Device: From this page, you can purchase a new device for your plan member by clicking on View deals, or swap the device the account is currently using for another compatible device by clicking on Swap active device.


 Number porting: Click on Number porting if you'd port a number from another carrier to this plan. 


Cancel subscription: Click Cancel subscription to cancel the plan on this device and remove it from your Family Plan. 

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