Porting Your Number to TextNow At Checkout

Thanks for joining TextNow! Here's a quick guide if you want to port your current phone number from your previous carrier into your new TextNow phone.

First thing we're going to need is some information about your number. Your previous carrier will be able to supply us with the information we need, which is:

  • Name of the authorized account holder for that phone number
  • The account number associated with that phone number
  • The PIN associated to that phone number, if any
  • The current billing address associated with that phone number

Note: Every phone number will have an associated account number, and we cannot port in a phone number without the correct account number for it. Not every phone number will have a PIN, so if you don't have a PIN you can skip that step.

Once you've placed your order, you can choose to either keep the existing phone number on your TextNow account, or port in an existing phone number. To port in an existing phone number, select Port in your number and click on this screen during checkout:


The next page is where you enter the information I mentioned up top. Enter the information on this page for your account number, PIN (if any), billing name and address, and email address:


Once you're all done, click Submit Request, or click Cancel Phone Porting to back out to the checkout page. 


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