Using TextNow With Uber

Uber can be selective with the wireless numbers they accept. To guarantee that Uber will be able to contact your TextNow number when needed, follow these steps to have Uber manually add your TextNow number to your Uber account:

1. Head on over to Uber's website to their I'm not receiving mobile verifications help page. 

2. Scroll down to the bottom for a form to send to Uber to have them add your TextNow number manually.

3. Add your TextNow number where it says Mobile number (required).

4. Add the email address you used to create your Uber profile where it says Email address.

5. Click I am not a robot and then click Submit.

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    Budz Buddy

    I can receive mobile verifications from Uber using my TextNow number, however, when I actually request a ride, I get a message that my phone number is incompatible. I've tried (several times) to get assistance from Uber, but if you've ever tried to deal with Ubers Support Department, you already know my frustrations. Basically after explaining and re-explaining my problem every single time I attempt to communicate with them all I can get is false empathy where they can understand why

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    Budz Buddy

    I am frustrated, but their only real solution is to switch phone providers, which is ridiculous. I'd rather use a taxi than give my money to those huge corporate nightmares!

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    John Dockum

    Uber refuses to add TextNow numbers using this method and won't support VoIP numbers at all. I just got confirmation of this from their support team.