Tracking Your TextNow Order

Thanks for choosing TextNow! We've recently added more in-depth order tracking to our website - here's a quick guide on how to track your package:

First, on our website, sign into your account, click on My Account and then click on My Wireless Account.

If you've ordered a device, you'll see the device you ordered along with the current status:


The device you've ordered will appear on the left-hand side (in this case, a Moto G), and the status will be shown on the right-hand side.

Processing: We've received your order and are getting it ready for shipping.

Shipped: Your order has been picked up by UPS and is heading your way. 

Delivered: Your order has been delivered to the address you provided.

When we have a delivery estimate from UPS, you'll also see that on your Wireless Account page, as shown in the picture above.

If you a message that your order is currently under review, there may have been a problem with your order. Check your email for a message from the TextNow team for further information.

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