Seeing "TextNow Proxy" Contact During Outbound Calls

Good news! Seeing "TextNow Proxy" number is not a problem and, in fact, is a confirmation that the service is working as expected!

Our unique technology allows your device to switch between CDMA (2G) and data networks (3G and LTE), based on the quality of the network you are using at any given moment. During calls, our technology will decide whether the data connection is strong enough for you to experience a high quality of audio. If it is not, then your call will instead be routed through the traditional audio network (2G - CDMA) so that your call quality can be as high as possible.

The TextNow proxy number is simply a routing number used by our back-end system to complete the call. You can simply disregard it and feel confident knowing that you are benefiting from using this technology to provide you with the best possible quality of audio.

Thank you for your continued support! 

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