Bringing Your Own Device

Thanks for your interest in TextNow!

If you want to use TextNow without the need for wifi, we offer a number of choices.

If you're looking for an affordable cell phone and plan, check out the latest on our Phones & Plans page. Or if you have your own compatible device from Sprint, Boost or Virgin Mobile, we can activate your current phone with TextNow.

And if you have a CDMA-enabled smartphone or tablet, we now offer TextNow SIM cards to use your device with our service. You can order a SIM card for your device here!


Are there any differences between my own device and a TextNow device?

We always recommend purchasing one of our affordably priced devices on our Phones & Plans page. The devices you purchase from us will have superior call quality, no dropped calls moving in-and-out of WiFi, and will be able to utilize cellular 2G networks. There's no software installation necessary as our phones ship with the TextNow app pre-installed, and texting and calling is fully integrated with all factory-installed applications. And our new and refurbished models come with a one-year warranty!

If I purchase a phone from you can I use the SIM card that came with the phone in another device?

If your phone is a CDMA-enabled smartphone or tablet, and it's compatible with the SIM card type of your TextNow phone, there's a chance we can use your new device with your existing TextNow service. Please contact us at TextNow support for more help and information. 

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