Getting Started With Your TextNow™ Phone

Welcome to the TextNow family!

Follow the steps below and start using your device in a matter of minutes:

1. After removing your phone from the box, insert the battery. (If your phone is a model that has a built-in battery, like the Moto E or Nexus 5, you can skip to the next step.)

2. Power your device and wait for it to boot up. 

3. Complete the hands-free activation by following the on-screen instructions.

4. Connect to Wi-Fi (if available)

5. Launch the TextNow app

6. Sign into TextNow with the username and password you used to create your TextNow account.

When the sign-in completes, you're ready to send and receive calls and texts!

Note: if your phone isn't connecting to the cellular network in absence of WiFi, try dialing ##72786# (*#*#72786#*#* if you have a Nexus) in the phone's built-in calling app (not TextNow) to force it to re-activate with the cellular network.

If you've purchased a TextNow SIM card, head on over to Get Started With Your TextNow SIM Card for more information. 

Visit our Tips & Tricks section or take a look at the Tips & Tricks guide included with your new TextNow Wireless Phone for more information about getting started and using your new phone.

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  • Avatar
    Craig Koch

    I am actually very happy so far with my phone and service. Any issues I've had customer service took care of within 24 hours. So far very impressed.. btw I got lg volt with 1.5 g plan to start with.

  • Avatar
    Kevin TextNow Support

    Hi, Craig!

    Glad to hear it! Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, and welcome to TextNow!

  • Avatar
    Daniel Cook

    Myself, I've had very good luck getting the phones fast. Bought one for my wife and niece and 2 for myself (one is an upgrade). Activation was no problem. Calling was kind of funky on one of the phones, but the others seem relatively alright. Prices are great. I am sticking with the service. And, no, the company did not ask me to say that. I'm an actual customer who knows no one at the service and have no other relationship with them than as a customer.

  • Avatar
    Caren Secuya

    If I buy a phone on here and pay $50,and I get the $40plan/mo,would I be paying both every month or is the phone a one time payment only?

  • Avatar
    Kevin TextNow Support

    Hi, Caren:

    Great question, and sorry about the late reply! The phone is a one-time payment only. When you sign up for a phone and a plan, you buy the phone up front along with a month of TextNow service. After that one time payment, you only pay for the monthly plan.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!

  • Avatar

    I just placed an order for a phone and service it asked did I want to use an existing number but timed out before I could enter all the info so my question is after receiving my phone in the mail will I still be able to use my existing number

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hi there!

    If you placed the order under your existing TextNow account, it should already come activated with the number associated with that account. If you wish to use a number from a previous carrier, you can still fill out the number porting request form for it on !

    Please let me know if you have any further questions, and/or concerns regarding this process.

  • Avatar
    Annie Anthony

    If I get a new phone and plan from you all, will I have to have internet to make calls and text.

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hi Annie!

    That's a great question! As we are a VoIP service, you will need an internet connection (whether it be Wi-Fi or data) in order to support all calls and texts on your device.
    Do not worry, though, since all of our monthly plans come with unlimited 2G data in order to ensure that you always have a connection on your device.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions, and/or concerns:)

  • Avatar
    Kim Glassco

    How do I get my caller id ti display correctly. When I call someone the caller id says the name of the person who previously had the number.

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hi Kim!

    Thanks for contacting TextNow Support. This seems to be a unique situation, so I have followed up with your email in order to investigate this further.

    Please let us know if you experience any issues responding to the email!

  • Avatar
    Jaz G

    I have a question if I go ahead and place my order for my phone and plan. With the 2G data will that allow me to make and receive calls and text messages. Or even with the 2G data I will still have to have wifi connection?

  • Avatar
    Kristopher TextNow Support

    Hey Jaz,

    Thanks for the interest in TextNow!

    Since we operate as a Voice over IP (VoIP) service we route all of our calls and text messages over the data network via the TextNow application. The Unlimited 2G offers the ability to maintain your calling and texting features throughout the billing cycle even if you use up all of the high speed data in your plan.

    If you have any other questions or concerns don't hesitate to get back in touch.

    Edited by Kristopher TextNow Support
  • Avatar
    John Weida

    Im trying to activate my phone and iy sahs tbe password is incorrect and will not let me reset it

  • Avatar
    Taylor TextNow Support

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your question!

    Simply click this link and enter the email address associated with your TextNow account to reset your password:

    I've also sent you a follow up email to the email on the account to troubleshoot with you further!

  • Avatar
    Lele Rudd

    i just recently purchased textnow phone service, but when i tried to activate my phone it wont work.

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hi Lele!

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It looks like we responded to your email, so if you are still experiencing any issues, please feel free to continue the conversation there, and we'd be more than happy to assist :)

  • Avatar
    Joshua Watson

    I have a sprint phone that does not have a sim can I still use it

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey Joshua,

    Depending on the device type, it may not need a SIM card to complete the activation! Otherwise, you can simply purchase one of our SIM cards online. To test out whether it can activate, give it a try here , and should it fail, feel free to place your order for a SIM card!

    Let us know if you have any further questions, and/or concerns.

    Edited by Valeria TextNow Support
  • Avatar
    Richard M Rimmer

    How do I upgrade from Lollipop to Marshmallow 6.0.1 on the new phone I'm getting next week??

  • Avatar
    Justin Guest

    Hey Richard,

    We develop our own custom ROM's for our devices and are always working on updating them to newer versions of Android. I could not say specifically which devices will get updated when, but if we do push that update out to your device it will notify you that an OS update is available. Hope that answered your question!

  • Avatar
    Princess Wendi

    Hi , I just received my phone. I am trying to activate it but it says starting services then goes back to text now wireless screen. This screen shows a blue button that's says connect to WiFi and below shows 'I'll do this later' option. I have clicked both but again it takes me back to starting services and then again brings me back to this screen. I can't use the phone any other Way.

  • Avatar
    Princess Wendi

    Correction, it says its the 'Device Self Service'. Apologies

  • Avatar
    Will TextNow Support

    Hey Wendi,

    It sounds like we are getting stuck in an activation loop but we can figure out what's going on for you.

    I've just sent an email with some troubleshooting steps which should help, let us know there if you require further assistance!

    You can also speak to an agent in the bottom right corner of this page during our office hours 9am-10pm EST Mon - Fri and 9am-5pm EST Sat/Sun for live assistance right on our website.

  • Avatar
    Theresa Arnold

    Can you use an iPhone with your plans?

  • Avatar
    Erin TextNow Support

    Hi Theresa,

    Thanks for your inquiry! We can activate most iPhone devices, however we would need to confirm the IMEI number of the device to check its compatibility for you. I would recommend reaching out to one of our live chat agents for help checking that for you.

    You will be able to find the blue chat box in the bottom corner of this page during our regular business hours :)

  • Avatar
    Guess Guess

    Whats a good phone number i can call ,,to get help over the phone

  • Avatar
    Erin TextNow Support

    Hi there,

    If you need immediate help please reach out to one of our live chat agents, they can be contacted through the blue box in the bottom corner of this page! Our calls times can be extensive, so we would recommend reaching out to us over chat, and then if necessary a chat agent can help redirect you to one of our agents over the phone :)

    Edited by Erin TextNow Support
  • Avatar
    Maria Garcia

    How long does it take to port your num because they turned off my old service now people can't reach me I never gave anyone my new num since I'm keeping my old one as soon as it ports

  • Avatar
    Matthew TextNow Support

    Hi Maria,

    Ports can take up to 7 business days to be fully complete. I found your port in and confirmed that it's still in process. The problem is that with ports, the old account needs to be active when we request the number to be transferred or else it might be rejected.

    Could you possibly try contacting your old provider and seeing if they can temporarily activate the number until the port in is completed?

    If not please allow us a few more days to wait for the response and then we will send you an email letting you know the status.