How Do I Call Using TextNow?



Using the TextNow app, you're able to call any number in the US and Canada! Here's how it works on your mobile device:

1. Open your TextNow app and tap on the dial-pad icon in the top right-hand corner . (If you don't see the dial-pad icon, tap on the main menu button  and then tap on Conversations.) 

2. This will bring you to the Calling page. Below are the Android and iOS versions, respectively:

Android Dialpad


iOS Dialpad


3. You can place a call directly from this page by typing in the ten-digit number you're calling (area code + seven digit number) and then tapping the green Call button in the bottom-center of that screen. 

4. To call a number from your Contacts, tap on the Contact icon in the bottom-right of the screen if you're using Android and the bottom-left of the screen if you're using iOS (they're the icons that look like a little person), and then tap on the contact name you'd like to call.

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    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey Malaysha! I see that you ordered a SIM card, but have not activated it yet.

    If you have the SIM card in your possession, please follow the steps here to activate your phone/plan. Please note that you will be asked for your billing information again and to pick a plan- please pick the plan you already paid for. It will then pull from your account balance to activate it (rather than bill you again)

    Edited by Valeria TextNow Support
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    Chr Coggins

    I got a note 8 before I use to use my phone wifi but now I can't make calls until I get by wifi I am with Verizon it use used to work but now only way I can make call is by wifi

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    Kayla Honrado

    What does it mean when you call and it says call rejected?

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    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey @Chr- We would need to test this out in person with you. Please head over to our live chat support between 10am-5:30pm EST for further assistance!

    @Kayla- My apologies for the inconvenience, as it appears that your calls are being temporarily restricted due to high volume usage.

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    I need my number back plz I logged of the app only to log back in and it have me a new number why? I need my back plz 203-889-9450

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    Swtnes aka Natasha

    I can't call out. It say "Call rejected" for every call I make. Why?

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    Madison TextNow Support

    @cmstryker - that number has never been on your account nor is it available at this time to retrieve. 

    @Natasha - looks like your outgoing calls have been restricted due to high volume usage. This should be lifted in a few days. In the meantime your incoming calls and messaging would still be available.

    Edited by Madison TextNow Support