Referral Program

What Is The Referral Program? 

Glad you asked! If you refer a new customer to TextNow to sign up for a TextNow phone plan,we give you a $50 account credit, and the person you referred gets $20 off at checkout!

How Does It Work?
Open your TextNow app and click on the main menu button . Your main menu panel will slide open. 


Tap on the blue menu selection Earn $50., and it will take you to the Referral Program page.


The code you see is your referral code. If a friend uses this code when they sign up for TextNow, they'll get a $20 taken off their phone purchase at checkout, and you get $50 in credit to your account!

You can either copy the code from that page (by tapping Copy Your Code), or send your contact a message directly with the code and a link to sign up for TextNow by using Invite by Text or Invite by Email.

When does the money get credited?

When the person you referred purchases a phone or signs up for a plan, we will credit your account. (The person you referred gets $20 off at their checkout of a phone purchase.) You'll get a notification from TextNow saying that the person you referred has used the link.

Referral credit is not given for gift card purchases. It is only for phone purchases.

Help! I don't see the Earn $50 selection on my main menu!

The Earn $50 main menu selection is only available on Android TextNow versions 4.38.0 and later. If you don't see it on your Android phone, and you have a phone plan with us, update your Android app to the latest version.

The Earn $50 is not available on iOS... yet. It's coming soon!

Also note that Earn $50 will only be seen by existing TextNow phone plan subscribers. Free accounts will not have the referral section. 

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