Referral Program

What Is The Referral Program? 

Glad you asked! If you refer a new customer to TextNow to sign up for a TextNow phone plan, we will credit both you and the person you referred $20.00 to your account balance. That $20 can be used towards future monthly service fees or phone plan upgrades.

How Does It Work?

At the moment, our referral program is only available for TextNow Android users. Don't worry, iPhone folks, we'll be unveiling this for the iOS version in the near future.

Open your TextNow app and click on the main menu button . Your main menu panel will slide open. 


Tap on the blue menu selection Earn $20., and it will take you to the Referral Program page.


The code you see is your referral code. If a friend uses this code when they sign up for TextNow, they'll get a $20 credit added to their account credit - and so will you!

You can either copy the code from that page (by tapping Copy Your Code), or send your contact a message directly with the code and a link to sign up for TextNow by using Invite by Text or Invite by Email.

When does the money get credited?

When the person you referred purchases a phone or signs up for a plan, we will credit both you and the person you referred at the end of the purchase. You'll get a notification from TextNow saying that the person you referred has used the link.

For SIM card purchases, we will credit you and your referral when they activate the SIM card on the TextNow service. You'll get a push notification that they've used your link, and your friend or family member you referred will also see a banner notification as well. 

Referral credit is not given for gift card purchases. It is only for phone, plan and SIM card purchases.

Help! I don't see the Earn $20 selection on my main menu!

The Earn $20 main menu selection is only available on Android TextNow versions 4.38.0 and later. If you don't see it on your Android phone, and you have a phone plan with us, update your Android app to the latest version.

The Earn $20 is not available on iOS... yet. It's coming soon!

Also note that Earn $20 will only be seen by existing TextNow phone plan subscribers. Free accounts will not have the referral section.

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  • Avatar
    Jennifer Griffin

    When will my new phone be shipped. I lost my old one and ordered and new one on the same day and my phone still hasn't been shipped.

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hi Jennifer!

    Thank you for your most recent order with TextNow! Due to the weekend, your device is scheduled to be shipped out later this afternoon, and delivered by Wednesday!

    You can track your order status on your My Account page online at Sign into your account and click on your My Account page - your order status banner will be at the top of that page, along with a link to your UPS tracking information when available.

  • Avatar
    Michelle Webre

    My cousin Used my referral link to sign up but it's not showing anything 

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hi Michelle,

    For your security, I have edited the personal information provided in your post, and responded back to your email with further information!

  • Avatar
    null null

    Do you offer monthly payment plan s in order to obtain a new phone

  • Avatar
    Taylor TextNow Support

    Hi there,

    TextNow is a prepaid service without contracts, therefore we do not offer monthly payment plans for our phones. Once you buy a TextNow device, it is yours to keep right away. :)

  • Avatar
    Ryan A

    I'm wondering why I can't refer a friend. It doesn't give the option to refer a friend like shown above. Is this not available any longer?

  • Avatar
    Justin Guest

    Hey there Ryan,

    If you are trying to do that on the account indicated here, it would not be available.

    The Refer A Friend main menu selection is only available on Android TextNow versions 4.38.0 and later. If you don't see it on yours, and you have a phone plan with us, update your app to the latest version. Currently, the Refer A Friend feature is only available in the Android versions.

    Also note that the referral selection will only be seen by existing TextNow phone plan subscribers. Free accounts will not have the referral section.

  • Avatar
    Timothy Reed

    Can i have 2 phone services with text know

  • Avatar
    Kevin TextNow Support

    Hi, Timothy:

    Thanks for your question!

    You can have as many TextNow accounts as you like. Each account would be under a unique username, and would be billed separately for wireless plans, but they could all use the same credit card for purchase.

    Hope that answers your question!

  • Avatar
    Vera Simpson

    I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 phone..i dont see a place for a SIM card..can i still use Text Now


  • Avatar
    Erin TextNow Support

    HI Vera,

    Since the Samsung Galaxy S3 does not have a SIM card slot, you will not be able to activate the device with TextNow. We do currently have a TextNow S3 available to be purchased though if you'd like to order a new one from us. You can check out all of our available devices here :)

    Edited by Erin TextNow Support
  • Avatar
    Jessica Bosquez

    Hi i want to know if my friend doesn't use the link but used the email I sent the link to to purchase a phone plan, can u still earn the 20?

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hey Jessica! As long as they're able to put your referral code in the spot allocated for it during their checkout, you should still be able to receive the $20.

  • Avatar
    Robert Wolfe

    Hello! My question is on the subject of account credit... When I signed up and activated my device via text now, I started by clicking a link that said, "Sign up with textnow today, and get a 20$ bonus!" It may not have been worded exactly like this, but it was the same content in the ad. Well, I have still not received the 20$ credit to my account. Can you tell me why? I am thinking maybe I have to have service for 30 days first, to which I am only two weeks into my first cycle. Thanks in advance for the info...

  • Avatar
    Erin TextNow Support

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your inquiry. The $20 account credit should have been added to your account automatically, so I apologize for any confusion. We have manually added those credits to your account today for you, so you should now be able to see them within the menu of your TextNow application. If you have any additional questions let us know!

  • Avatar
    null null

    Your customer service sucks.

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hi there! We're sorry to hear you haven't had the optimal experience with us. Please contact us at with more details of your issues, so we can assist you :)

  • Avatar
    Joseph Araiza

    I have a question that I can't get an answer to I submitted a request and they're going to tell me that they don't reply to questions they're so here I am on this entry I guess can you please tell me I have the Text Now app on my phone I have a phone number I live here in Houston Texas I want to purchase a TextNow phone and make TextNow a carrier for my cellular service here in Houston now what I'm watching know is if the number that I have now with text now as the app can I have that number for my phone service with text now if I purchase a phone and have it shipped over to myself here in Houston can I please get an answer this will depend on me making the decision to do it or not

  • Avatar
    Valeria TextNow Support

    Hi Joseph! You certainly can keep your number.

    When you make your purchase online, we will ask you whether you already have a TextNow account. So you just need to make sure you're logged into your current account, to be able to keep the same information! Once you receive the phone, it will already be pre-activated with your specific account information :)

    Edited by Valeria TextNow Support