How To Buy A Device

Thank you for your interest in TextNow!

TextNow offers high-speed Data Add-Ons, as well as unlimited 2G data, so you can use your device even off of WiFi. We offer a range of devices with a variety of prices to fit your budget, and our new and refurbished phones come with a one-year warranty! (Gently-used devices come with a 60-day warranty.) And we also offer Activation Kits, so you can use TextNow on an existing CDMA device.

Purchasing A Device

To purchase a device, just go to our Shop page and click on your favourite device. You can also choose upgrade and device-replacement options if you have previously purchased a phone from us.

To purchase a SIM card, you'll need to buy an Activation Kit. Simply click Buy Now on our SIM card product page and enter your device information and we'll find the right card for your device! You can also do this within the TextNow app but clicking on the 3 little lines in top left corner and clicking Free Coverage. 

Payment Method

We currently only accept credit, debit, pre-paid debit cards and PayPal.

All phone purchases come with Nationwide Talk & Text (with ads) as a base option, and are not available for purchase without a plan.  

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