Activation Kit Guide For Android

If you're looking to activate an Android device with your new Activation Kit, here's a handy guide to help you through the process. 

1. Make sure the SIM card has been inserted and you have a wifi network active and available to use.

2. Next, open TextNow, log into your account.

3. Open the Menu (3 lines) from the left hand side

4. Press Free Coverage


5. If you'd like to learn more about the service, click on How does it work? If you're good to continue press Enable Free Service. 


6. You're almost there! If you're not familiar with this code you might want to write it down. Open the Phone App and enter the code for your device (in this example it's ##72786#). 


7. Once the SCRTN completes it your service will be active! You'll notice that once you open the menu you'll have the option to Add Data or Remove Ads. Clicking either of those option will take you to your account to finish the payment process. 

Screenshot_20200128-112348_TextNow.jpg    Screenshot_20200128-112358_TextNow.jpg

8. As well if you happened to skip the option of the doing the code you can always click Complete Activation in the menu to go back to the code. 


You're all set! Time to start using your TextNow phone!


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