Troubleshooting Data Connection On GSM Devices

Thanks for activating your GSM device with TextNow! If you're having trouble connecting to the TextNow service off wifi, here are some tips to help check your connection and settings:

Check for coverage

TextNow works through the data connection on your phone, either through wifi or through the GSM network. TextNow doesn't use roaming networks (which also means we never charge you for roaming!) - you'll need to be within GSM coverage to call and text off wifi. Click here for our coverage maps for both GSM and CDMA networks

Check to see if Mobile Data is turned on your phone

As our TextNow service works through the data connection of your phone, you'll need to have Mobile Data turned on your phone in order to access the GSM network off wifi. This setting will be in your main Settings app on your phone, although it will be in slightly different places depending on your device. 

  • For Android (5.0 and later): Tap on your main Settings app,  then tap on Data Usage. The Mobile Data setting should be switched ON
  • For Android (earlier versions): Tap on your main Settings app, then go to More Networks > Mobile Networks. There should be a checkmark next to Mobile Data
  • For iOS: You can find your Mobile Data settings under your main Settings app > Cellular > Mobile Data. The Mobile Data setting should be switched ON

Check network settings.

On your phone, check your network mode. You can usually find it (on Android devices) under the main Settings app > Mobile Networks > Network Mode. If you have the choice for Automatic, set it to Automatic. Otherwise, make sure your phone is selected to a GSM network mode and not CDMA or LTE. 

Check your Access Point Names (APN) settings

You may need to check your APN settings in your device's main settings app to ensure you're connected to our network.

On Android devices, you can find it under your main Settings app > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.

For iOS, you can find your APN settings under the main Settings app > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Network.

Delete any third-party apps that might be interfering.

If you have any third-party messaging or calling apps, it might be interfering with your TextNow service. Try deleting those apps, or any recently installed apps, and try making a call again.

Reboot your device and/or reseat the SIM card.

Finally, if the above hasn't helped, power off your device and remove the SIM card. Then, reseat it so that it's sitting in the slot properly (you may have to refer to your device's manual for more specifics) and reboot your phone.  

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