SIM Card CDMA Activation Guide For iOS

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If you're looking to activate an iOS device with your new TextNow SIM card, here's a handy guide to help you through the process. (You can also check our Video Tutorials page for more help with activation.

1. Make sure the SIM card has been inserted and you have a wifi network active and available to use. 

2. Next, open TextNow, log into your account, and connect to your wifi network. 

3. After connecting to wifi, tap on Activate Data Plan from the TextNow main menu...

4. ...and confirm the SIM card number, found under the bar code of the card itself.

5. After confirming the SIM, it's time to choose from one of our affordable phone plans.

6. Use your current credit card on your account for future payments, or use a new credit card or gift card!

7. You're almost there! Follow the instructions on this next page to reset your network connection to TextNow

8. You're all set! Time to start using your TextNow phone!

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  • Avatar
    Shar Chaboo

    I've received the wrong sim I have an unlocked iPhone and I've received the sprint cmda sim it will not work on an unlocked iOS phone will it?

  • Avatar
    Kristopher TextNow Support

    Hey Shar,

    Thanks for the question.

    Almost all iPhone models are dual-band, meaning they can operate on both the CDMA and GSM network types. I'd advise following the steps for activation with the SIM card that was sent out to you.

    If you have any issues along the way please check out our SIM card support page!

    Edited by Kristopher TextNow Support
  • Avatar
    Keith Bonnie

    I got my sim card today and it's saying it's not wrong

  • Avatar
    Erin TextNow Support

    Hi Keith,

    Glad to hear you're replacement sim card was successfully delivered! If you're trying to activate it in an iPhone you can follow the steps outlined above to activate it. If you've ran into issues with the activation you can reach out to our live chat support so they can help you with the activation or figure out what might be going wrong -- they can be found in the bottom right corner of this page until 9pm EST tonight!

  • Avatar
    Cheyenne Leanza

    I tried following the directions, but:

    -It never asks me to input my sim card number. It goes from step 3 to step 7.
    -When I try to call the number it either doesn't do anything when I press the green call button or it will say, "Starting Service Update," then .01 millisecond later it will say "Service Update Failed."

    I have an IPhone 6.

  • Avatar
    Erin TextNow Support

    Hi Cheyenne,

    It looks like you forgot to include the directions that you were attempting so I'm afraid I am not quite sure what it is you're having trouble with. Please contact our live chat support (bottom right corner of this page) so we can grab your account information and more details to further assist you!

  • Avatar
    heidi mejia

    My iPhone is unlocked I used to have t mobile but I was sent a sprint SIM tried to activate and it says my device can't be activated

  • Avatar
    Erin TextNow Support

    Hi Heidi,

    If you accidentally ordered the wrong SIM card type we can look into getting you the correct replacement. Please reach out to our live chat support team (in the bottom right corner of this page) so we can assist you further!

  • Avatar
    Ashley Hannah

    How do I get a sims card to work for an unlocked iPhone? I have a plan already but I can’t activate my phone

  • Avatar
    Erin TextNow Support

    Hi Ashley,

    Activating your phone would depend on the SIM card type that you have. I would recommend taking a look at our SIM card activation tutorial videos here. If you aren't sure what type of SIM card you have, please reach out to our chat support team for assistance with that.

    Edited by Erin TextNow Support