Video Tutorials For Android

NEW! A Guide to TextNow on Android:

How to make a call:


How to send a text:


How to manage your plan:


How to change account info (name, email, number, etc.)


Managing your TextNow billing information


A Guide to the Self-Help Portal


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    Nydia Estimbo

    live chat

  • Avatar
    Trina French

    Hello i need help with my phone

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    Veronica Daniels

    How to access voicemail

  • Avatar
    Almico Woodside

    SIM card locks. Just bought phone, sim on unlimited data but on activation it says sim card lock contact customer service.

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    Willow Dileo

    I just received my granddaughters new Text Now cell phone. Battery is fully charged but I can't turn it on. Please help

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    P B

    Can I have a wallpaper for each different contact

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    Mitchell Kelly

    Forgot password to get into phone

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    Wilson Huynh

    Am have problems making calls and receiving with textbook,pls what do i do?.

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    Kirstie Vickery

    Live chat

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    I'm wtf