Add/Edit/Delete Contacts

Does TextNow Store My Contacts?

The contact names and pictures that appear in TextNow are pulled from and stored on the contacts app on your device. (Depending on your device, this app might be called Contacts, or People, or Address Book, among others.) Contact details are not stored on your TextNow account. To add, edit or delete a contact, you will have to do so from the Address Book app on your device.

Android Users

Because Android device models and operating systems vary in design, you'll have to consult your device's documentation for more details on how to use your phone's particular contacts app.

When you add, edit or delete a contact, and you already have a conversation with their phone number/email address in TextNow, you may be required to delete and then re-initiate the TextNow conversation all-together in order for the changes to reflect in the app.

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