WiFi Talk & Text and Ad Free+ FAQ

What's call forwarding?

With call forwarding, you can use your TextNow number to route the call to another number in the US or Canada, so that when people call your TextNow number it diverts the call to ring on another phone. The other phone does not have to have the TextNow app installed.

What's phone number locking?

The free version of TextNow will recycle your number after a period of inactivity. If you purchase Ad Free+ (or a TextNow phone plan), your current TextNow number won't be recycled for inactivity for as long as you have your Ad Free+ features activated.

What's ad removal?

Ad removal will remove the ads that run on the WiFi Talk & Talk and Nationwide Talk & Text (with ads) versions of the app. Ad removal will last as long as you have you have your Ad Free+ subscription activated.

How do I unsubscribe from Ad Free+?

In your TextNow app, tap on the menu button and then tap on Ad Free+. (It should be at the top of your TextNow menu, with a check mark next to it.) From there, tap on Manage Subscription to cancel or modify your subscription to Ad Free+.

iOS users can click here to manage their App Store subscriptions.
Android users can click here to manage their Google Play Store subscriptions

I turned on Ad Free+ by accident! How can I get a refund? 

Ad Free+ features are all billed through either the App Store (for iOS) or the Play Store (for Android). For refund to in-app purchases, contact the App or Play Store (depending on your device). 


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