How Can I Remove Ads?

What is Ad Free+?

TextNow Ad Free+ bundles together our most popular paid features, now available at one low price!

Here's what you get with TextNow Ad Free+:

  • Ad Removal: Removes the ad banners from the TextNow app.
  • Call Forwarding: Forward the calls to your TextNow phone number to any other phone number in the US or Canada.
  • Phone Number Locking: Locks your TextNow phone number to your account for as long as you have Premium, and your number won't be recycled for inactivity. 

Ad Free+ features are offered at monthly and yearly rates, and will auto-renew every month (or year, depending on which you've chosen). Here's how you can turn on Ad Free+

Tap your TextNow main menu to see the button to Remove Ads:


From here, you can choose to have your Ad Free+ feature auto-renew monthly. 


Help! I signed up for Ad Free+ but I'm still seeing ads!

If you're signed into an Ad Free+ account but you're still seeing ads, log out of your TextNow app (under the TextNow Settings menu > Log Out) and log back in.

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