Your teen can send messages with more than just plain text.  Depending on the device (iOS or Android), users can make messaging more exciting with the option to send emojis, pictures/videos, drawings, animated stickers, and GIFs.

Group Chats

Group messaging is a way to have more than one person involved in your teen’s conversations. With TextNow, your teen can add two or more people to the same conversation thread and talk to all of them together.

Themes and Wallpapers

With Textnow, your teen can change the background colour and the wallpaper to customize the app. You can change the background color from the official TextNow purple color to any of the colors listed and choose a wallpaper from your own photo gallery.

This can all be done through the Settings icon.

International Calls

If your teen is in the United States or Canada, they can place international calls to select countries. Your teen’s account must be pre-loaded with the required funds prior to making an international call.  They will be charged a pre-determined per-minute calling rate.

There are two ways that your teen can add money to their account:

  • Your teen can make an in-app purchase through their Google PlayStore or App Store. Account balances can be increased by $5, $10, or a maximum of $20.  This option would require permission to use a credit card.
  • Your teen can earn free credits by watching an ad, completing an offer, or referring a friend to TextNow.

Please see this article for more detailed information about how to make international calls.

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