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Not able to send out messages

Hello, I set up an account and have been testing the features of TextNow before I take the plunge and port my number over.  This is for the wifi-only version.  I am not able to send out text messages from either the website or from the TextNow iOS app on my phone.  I am able to receive messages, but not send them out.  With one exception.  If I send out a message that is just a picture, it does go out successfully from both the website and from the iOS app.  But when the message is only text, it does not go out.  Can you tell me what my issue is?  Thanks in advance.

James Rhomboid

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Hi James! 

That is a strange one. Would you please be able to speak with one of our live chat agents (can be found on the bottom right hand corner of this page) for a further investigation of your account? 

Thanks in advance! 

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