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Barely usable.

I can't use it for phone calls because it is all broken up. It never successful "handsoff" so every time I leave WiFi, I have to go into my settings and turn off the mobile network.. then turn it back on. Many times, it will connect to a WiFi connection automatically and then I will leave the area. If I forget to recycle the mobile network, when I get on wifi... I get all the messages from someone that was trying to reach me at once. It's not the phone. I've used this phone with other services and it worked fine. I may have to go back to the other service.

The only thing it is good for is texting while on WiFi. I didn't need the SIM card for that. I don't want to pay for the subscription to do that.

Donald Howard

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Hey Donald, 

Thanks for letting us know about the trouble you're having. You should have the option to turn that feature off within the Settings of the application:

TextNow Menu > Settings > Calling > WiFi to Data Handover > Off. This will help the issue in the meantime. 

I'd also advise making sure you're running on the newest version of the application (you can check for updates within the Google Play Store.)

In addition, I have sent off an email to the address we have on file. I'd just like to follow-up with you on this one and make sure we get the issues rectified. 

Kristopher TextNow Support 0 votes
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