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My calling records.

So, even if I make a call from the app and i'm not on wifi, i'm actually using my cell service the call will NOT show up on my calling records through my phone company (T-mobile) right? I know it shows up in my call log on my phone but I didn't know about my actual calling records since i'm using a different phone number.

Sayre Grimes

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Hi Sayre,

If you're making a call through your TextNow app off of wifi then you will be using your data. But no, the calls will not show in your records with T-Mobile.

Hope that helps!

Textnow Support 0 votes

Nowhere, they will simply be shown on your call history within the TextNow app :)

They're not using any carrier voice/cellular network, as they are either over Wi-Fi or your carrier's data. 

Valeria TextNow Support 0 votes