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Not able to signup for a new line or activate new phone

I want to activate a new line using my existing phone on ringplus.. I keep getting the below error when i enter the credit card information. I chose "I would like to transfer an existing phone number" option so I can port my ringplus phone number. Also, the total is zero due to first month free offer.. I have no idea why it wouldnt work.. can someone help? how do i call support?

An unknown error occurred - sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact Customer Care for assistance.

Arun Kandasamy

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Hi Arun!

Happy to hear you're looking to port into TextNow! The article for porting from RingPlus to TextNow can be found here. Because you still currently have active service on your phone, you'll need to fill out the form found in that article so we can port your number into TextNow. Once your number is ported into TextNow, your phone's ESN will be released from the previous carrier and we will be bale to activate it. The two months of service, will then be added on our end. :) 

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