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Phone number prefix not local in my area

when I try to call my phone I get the message that I need to dial a one fist and area code to connect.   I live in Reno Nevada Washoe county , but my prefix for my phone is in Lovelock Nevada Pershing county.   This is very annoying and messes up gps and google maps for location.   is there a way to transfer my number to a local area of reno without changing my phone number?

Felicia Toews

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Hi Felicia, 

Sorry to hear that the prefix was not calibrated to your location when it was assigned to you.

We have a few options to change the 3 digits that follow the prefix that might align it better with your actual location but to do this we will have to speak with you directly and test it out. 

Please speak to an agent on our livechat support at the bottom of this page so that we can find a number that suits you better.

Thanks and let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. 

Matthew TextNow Support 0 votes
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