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problem getting an important text. ( login token

up until a few days ago i was using this to get a login token (code) through sms in order to login on twitch.  for some reason about a week ago i stopped getting the text alert. ive no clue why they stopped working but it would really make life easier if it would start letting them come through.  i originally thought the problem might be on the side of twitch but then i read somewhere on the textnow site that it might block some numbers. the sms codes i get from steam work and they come from a shortened number so i figured this would be fine.  is there a way to allow the shortened numbers to send me sms codes?

 ive done everything listed below and still no sms code.   the thing is that the code (at least from the site i mentioned) isnt usually from a shortened number. but the one that works is always.  so its very confusing.  ive deleted the cache and uninstalled the app on windows10 and on my phone and the text doesnt go to either nor the site its self.   not sure if theres anything else i can try except wait on twitch to reply to the email i sent their help 6-7 days ago.   much thanks for the speedy reply and help. if you have any other instructions i'd be happy to try them all and let you know if anything works.


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Thanks for getting in touch and letting us know. Unfortunately, short codes are a bit temperamental for us, they don't always seem to go through. 

Please give these steps and try and let us know if it's resolved the issue. 

1. Open the Settings App.
2. Tap on Apps (or Application Manager).
3. Swipe over to the "All" heading (you will need to swipe from right to left across the screen).
4. Tap on TextNow (the list is sorted alphabetically).
5. Tap on Clear Cache.
6. Tap on Clear Data, then tap OK.
7. Tap on Force Stop, then tap OK.
8. Log back into TextNow

You're also running an old version of the app! Make sure to update to the newest version! 

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