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Alternative texting app.

I like the service textnow offers, its a great value (I use the .5 gig plan and I don't need more than that) but the app, on my phone is slow and sometimes unresponsive. I want to use an alternative app for that, specifically disa, but any would work. I googled around for the APN info but whenever I try those I get a message back saying im "not allowed to send text messages. Msg 2120" A google of that makes me think its a sprint error message but im not sure at this point. For the record I've used these two settings already






as per instructions in the location I've found them in if the field is missing, I left it blank.

Any help you guys can offer would be immensely appreciated.

John Williamson

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Thanks for reaching out to us! We currently do not support the use of an alternative texting application, as the messages are not being handled in a traditional method they do need to be initiated and completed by the TextNow application directly.

The error you are receiving is being cause by an application trying to submit an SMS using traditional processes via the cell network. Service with TextNow does not work in this same method, and everything is powered by technology and leverages data connections.

 Reviewing your account, it appears that you are using a TextNow device, so please contact us directly so that we can review all of the settings in the device and ensure that everything is working properly.

I hope that answered all of your concerns/questions!

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