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how to reply to group texts?

 When I am included in a group text, the information comes in to my phone as separate text messages from each person -- I understand this is currently unavoidable, but my question is, "How do I reply?" Say we're a group of 5 involved in the conversation. If I reply to 1 person, does EVERYONE see my reply? Or, do I need to reply to each one individually. Waiting for the day when this important feature is improved... very annoying to use with VOIP phones, but a really indispensable texting tool.

Christine Gaspar

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Hey Christine,

The person that you reply to will only see your reply if you have not created a group. You would need to reply to each one individually in that case. This is also operating system specific, whether everyone has an iPhone, Android or a mix. If you start the group yourself through the TextNow app, (by adding their contacts to your message and sending a text) everyone will be able to see the conversation. 

Zach TextNow Support 0 votes
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