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Windows Mobile Update

Not sure if your team noticed, but there are a ton of users on Windows Mobile who can no longer use the app.  TextNow stopped working around 4-5 months ago for us with the latest Windows 10 Mobile updates.  Would love if the app became a UWP so we could download it not only on Windows Mobile but that it would also work in the Windows 10 store too.

Please fix so we can continue to support this app.

You can see this in the reviews over here, and around November 2016 users began complaining that the app no longer launches, no more phone calls, or exits at random:




Justin M

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Hey Justin, 

Thanks for reaching out and thanks for the continued support. The last thing we want is to have our Windows users feel their service is not supported. However, due to changes to the Windows Mobile architecture we were unable to maintain the calling features without a major overhaul to the system. As a result, we decided to keep the app available with just the messaging features available. 

I hope this helps!  

Kristopher TextNow Support 0 votes
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Thanks for the quick response Kristopher.  Unfortunately even the messaging no longer works.  The entire app exits immediately upon launching, on some devices you can't even sign up for the service.  Occasionally the app will launch on the Nokia 835 but after a few minutes it would exit unexpectedly.  I suggest giving the Microsoft Store reviews I linked above a read to see that that the issues are affecting all users.

The behavior happens on all of the following devices I've tried it on:

- MS Lumia 950

- MS Lumia 640

- Nokia 835

- BLU Win HD

Justin M 0 votes
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