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Signal strength

Does anyone else have a problem with signal strength?
My wife and I both have Galaxy S5 phones and both with TextNow and neither get signal.
We live in Raleigh which is a rather large city, and only have 1 itty bitty little bar of LTE. But it's not only in this city, we just moved here from Upstate NY and had the issue there and all the way down.
Updates don't help. Doesn't matter for battery full or empty. Doesn't matter if phone in hand or hands free.
Sometimes it'll get up to 2 or 3 bars of 3G when LTE cuts out, but that doesn't help at all.
When we travel away from the city and it goes to useless roaming, we get great signal.
So is it just the Sprint towers have us on such low priority or bandwidth? Or is it the rooting of the phone that TextNow does that messes things up?
I've noticed we can't use a good texting app due to the rooting of the device. TextNow app is totally useless. FB messenger is the only reliable way to text/message. Also, when wifi on edge of signal, it keeps trying to connect. Doesn't matter that I turned off scanning and turned off wifi. The phone keeps turning it back on, killing the battery and making things worse than just being one itty bitty LTE bar.

Shawn Crumb

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Hey there Shawn,

Thanks for reaching out. I've sent you an email regarding this. Please check your inbox at your earliest convenience. 

Zach TextNow Support 0 votes
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I also have the same problem in Connecticut. My TextNow runs off of TMobile and always have 1 bar. Really am not happy about that...

Greg Esten 0 votes
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