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Need assistance activating a new phon eafter old one broke

So the phone I have been using is stuck in a boot loop with no fix. I have a extra phone from the sprint network. I just need someone to help activate the functioning phone. I have been on hold for about 2 hours so far with not so much as a word from a live person. I already sent a chat request about 3 hours ago with no response. I can't activate it on this website since I have a active account. please help me asap. The response time from customer service is completely unacceptable and I'm on the verge of just leaving the company all together.

Odassis Cheeks

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Hey Odassis! If you have an eligible Sprint device (or a TextNow device) that is not currently activated, you can absolutely activate it yourself through your account. It's just found in a different spot! You can follow the instructions here and let us know if you run into any further issues :) 

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