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Counter request

I know your staff is prolly really busy. Your app is wonderful and much appreciated!! Curious if requesting a character counter for Android is possible. Since we can only send a max of 140 characters at a time or our messages come completely out of order to the receiving end, it would be wonderful if we could know when we hit the max number of characters to be able to send and it arrive to the other person in one message. I know it's possible cuz my girlfriend has text now and in her text now app in the menu there is an options for a counter. Again you app is great!! Thank you dev!!

Devin Lee

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Hi Devin,

Thanks for the feedback. The character limit for sending from TextNow is actually 14,000! The issue you're having may be with the receiver, the carrier they're using may limit the number of characters within a text that they can receive.

However, I will pass along your suggestion for a character counter which hopefully we can incorporate into a future app update for you :)

Erin TextNow Support 0 votes
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