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Question about the Galaxy S6

Two questions. One is what is the exact model number of the S6? ... (Like the S3 was the Triband version L710a) ...And two..What happens when the sale ends on June 30th for the $250 S6? I want to purchase this in mid July for my birthday..Is the price going to go back up to $500? Because it would be crazy to price the S6 beyond $250 lol.

Andy Alger

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Hi Andy,

Great questions that I would be more than happy to answer. The exact model number of the Samsung Galaxy S6 listed on our website is SM-G920P. You can see the model number next to the phone's name on the device's page.

The $499.99 is the rough retail price showing how much you can save when purchasing with TextNow. When the sale ends the phone may slightly rise in price but it would not go to $500. Rest assured, the phone will stay competitively priced.

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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