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Windows app problems

Texting problems:
Sending texts from pc take a little longer than mobile counterpart.

Regarding mms, you can send an picture message from the computer (it takes a while to be sent though), but if you send another afterwards it won't be sent it'll be stuck in limbo.

When starting a new convo, you enter the number and send a text, but when they reply it opens a new convo window WITH THE SAME NUMBER but not hyphenated. so there will be two text windows open one (xxx)xxx-xxxx (the one the user sent from)the other xxxxxxxxxx (this being the one the person replied from)

Buddy J

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Hi, CJ:

Thanks for the bug report! I'll be passing this information along to our developers. In the meantime, I would strongly suggest using our web interface instead at, which might be more robust for your purposes.

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