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Two Phone Numbers?

I just got a Textnow phone as my first ever cell phone. So far I don't have any serious problems, but there is a lot I don't understand. For example, the phone arrived already connected to a phone number. After activation, I got a new phone number in my area code. I can only get texts at the new number, but only the old number works for WeChat. Both numbers work for voice. What is the difference between these two numbers?

Brian Sutin

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Hi, Brian:

Thanks for contacting TextNow Support!

The phone number you see listed in your main Settings app, usually confusingly listed as My Phone Number, is a proxy number used by Sprint to route the calls through the Sprint system. This number can change at any time, and should not be used with other apps or by your contacts. The number your contacts should use to get a hold of you is your TextNow number.

Kevin TextNow Support 2 votes
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