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questionable service and phone

I chose to go with your company because it said I could use my phone at my home address...not so much! then theres the issue with the screen strobing in n out. also your customer service is horseshit as well, called for assistance couldn't speak to anyone so I left my number . No call back now I'm currently listening to your horrendous muzak good way to get rid of people id imagine. youre quick to grab ones money not so quick to respond! :-(

Lance Ladewig

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Hi Lance,

I apologize for the long wait on the phone. With our current sale and our double data promotion going on right now our small team is working as best they can to handle the high call volumes. Rest assured we truly care about our customers and provide the best customer service we can.

I reviewed the account and see that you were able to speak to our wonderful agent Maria who assisted you with your request. We wanted to be able to review your device and make sure everything was set up correctly, but we understand you wanted to cancel and we processed that right away.

If you require any further assistance you can always reach out to our email

Given the chance we will go the distance for our customers.

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