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How can you tell you have the right sim card in your moto e

How can you tell if the sim card in your moto e has the correct card,I have purchased a few moto e phones from textnow but they were gifts,My info on my sim card don't seem to be accurate and has a different phone number...I'm not to good with electronics and all but just wanted to ask incase??

Michelle Gault

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Hi, Michelle:

Thanks for contacting TextNow support! It is a little bit confusing, but the phone number in the "My Phone Number" section will always be different from your TextNow number. This is because we use that number as a proxy number to give your device service. All of our phones are set up with the correct SIM card when they are sent out, so unless you have switched the SIM cards around everything should be set up correctly. The phone would not receive any wireless service if it had the incorrect SIM card in it.

If you would like help checking if you have the correct SIM cards please give us a call at 1(888)250-5255 and one of our representatives will verify that everything is set up correctly for you.

Kevin TextNow Support 0 votes
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