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Short Codes

Hello, I read this:
Saying Textnow needs to add the short code number, but a different customer support rep told me short codes are incompatible with Textnow. I'm trying to text PUSH to Redbox at 727272 for their free monthly rental code. Can you add Redbox (as is suggested by a rep in the above URL) ? Or does anyone know a different free texting app I could use to text short codes? Thanks.

Kate Noll

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Hi, Kate:

Sorry for the confusion! TextNow does work with some short code verifications, and we're adding more codes and services all the time. I'll pass along the Redbox suggestion to my developers; in the meantime, you might want to contact the Redbox developers and see if they have a workaround to add your TextNow number.

Kevin TextNow Support 0 votes
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