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IOS 10 - When will the textnow app have callkit support

Just wondering when the textnow app for the IOS will have callkit support ?

Azim Surani

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Good morning Azim!

I do apologize, however, we do not currently have an ETA on when that feature will be available with our app. Our developers have been made aware of the rising demand, and are diligently working on implementing it for more convenient use of our app.
Please keep an eye out for updates, and let us know if you have any more questions!

Valentina TextNow Support 0 votes

Hi, Gannon:

Your phone plan can only be active for off-wifi serivce with one phone at one time. That said, if your iPhone is a Sprint, Boost or Virgin Mobile device and is off-contract, there's a good chance we can swap your service to the iPhone 5.

Drop me an email to with the MEID number of your iPhone, and I can check it's availability!

Kevin TextNow Support 0 votes