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You should notify us through text when we have reached our 4g limit. There is no need for a red banner to re appear every 2 seconds reminding us of something we already know. If you do not remove this in an update by my next billing cycle I will be going back to cricket wireless. Not only is their service better but they do not put annoying red banners trying to force me to buy something that I don't want. Trust me if ANYONE wanted more high speed data they would buy it.. Another problem is the calls should be. Made over cell tower and not through data because voice is delayed. Sometimes my calls go through dialer and the voice is perfect but when the calls go through the textnow app they are very lagy and delayed. Please fix these 2 things and I will forever be a customer. You guys are on thin ice with me and from forums I am reading online I am not the only one... Thanks in advance, if not it was nice knowing you and I will not EVER be referring.

Kevin Wright

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Hi Kevin! 

We do appreciate your valuable feedback, and assure you that we have passed along the complaints with regards to the banners to our developers, and it certainly is a topic to consider for the New Year. 

I am afraid that due to the nature of our VoIP technology, we rely on a data network for calls and texts. I assure you that our developers are working around the clock to improve the service, hence, why our app is updated almost every week! 

Please let us know if there is any other concern or question that we can address, and we'd be more than happy to assist! 

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