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area code that works in calgary, alberta, canada

i don't get it, but if you cannot give me a service provided you offer, than why did i install the app?


first make sure it will work (from what i see you have a problem providing numbers...), and then get people to install it. now i have to remove the stupid thing.

m k

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Hi, MK:

Thanks for your post!

We try to have numbers available in all area codes in the US and Canada, but we only get to pull from about ten numbers in each area code at any given time. It's possible that there just weren't any numbers available in the area code you tried at the time.

At the moment, I have area codes for Calgary in area code 587. (Don't have any in 825 at the moment.) Let me know if you'd like a number in the 587 area code, and I can assign it on my end. 

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