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Phone Startup issiue

I recently Bought the ALC-5017B-Black-R. When purchased the phone from Textnow i was offered 20$ of service credits that was Supposed to have been credited on Next Bill. But i Never received that credit. So after 2-3 months of the paid service i Had stopped paying & started using the Free plan Witch i Have Used for about 3 years now. But hears when my Main issue had Began About a week Ago. My phone died n now wont turn back on. so with the phone i purchased about 5 months ago Suddenly wont boot up past the first boot screen saying Alcatel. i Would like to know how i should go about getting this fixed & Since i have had no luck with previous issues that iv contacted textnow about & had no Success with but i feel as if i tried everything & contacting you i feel is  My only Option Left. So hopefully this time will be Different. Also the phone had worked fine until i Went to Add service Onto the phone Again But after that moment it Never started up again. like i said its been about a week n i feel as if i had tried everything allredy so please Help

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Hi there! Sorry to hear of your experience, and I'm more than willing to help you clear some of it up! 

1. When you originally purchased the phone, there was a promo code for a $20 account credit, but unfortunately, you never applied the promo code upon your purchase. And we can't add it retroactively at this point in time. Since then, we haven't received any further payments other than the initial purchase. 

In order for our one year manufacturer warranty to be active, the subscription itself would also have to be active within that time period. As your account is currently expired for a non-payment, we cannot assist with a warranty. 

You can certainly try some troubleshooting steps, such as an external hard reset, however, if any further steps need to be taken to replace the phone, we would only be assist with an active subscription. 

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