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SAPM filter like in most email accounts, please implement to stop SPAM

I sell stuff online like on craigslist and letgo, and I constantly keep getting spam texts from scammers/spoofer.  There texts come form any different numbers but always looks the same.

It would be AMAZING if I could just filter out these texts like you would in your email filter.  No only way to fight against these people is by keeping blocking number but like I said they use many many different numbers.

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Hi there! I'm afraid that we don't currently have a filter feature for texts. I can certainly pass it along to our development team :)

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Please pass it on to the development dept.  Simple word or sentence filter would suffice here.  

In my case these SPAM / SCAM texts keep asking me to log in to a facebook account or my bank chase account which are clearly spoofed fake links, they are hoping to steal my login information.  

So if I could go to the SPAM filter and just add the fake facebook link they keep sending me I would never get this SCAM texts again.

Please forward them this email if you can, I feel like this is a pretty important feature which development wise wouldn't be very hard to implement.

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