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Blue words no longer appearing

Hi, I updated to the newest version of TextNow and I'm now not able to load the gifs that used to appear automatically when I would type words.  As I would type a word, the word would appear blue and a gif would appear.  Now it's not working like it used to.  Is this just a glitch that will correct itself?  Am I able to revert back to the prior version of the app?  Thank you.

Ali's TextNow App

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Hi there! It might be that the settings were reset to default after the update. Please try the following:

1. Open up the TextNow app- tap on the top left parallel bars to open up the menu 
2. Tap on the top right gear icon to open up settings
3. Tap on messaging- make sure that the "suggest GIFs and stickers" option is enabled! 

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