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Feature suggestions

Hi, i have some feature requests i'd like to add:

1. Please add ability to record phone calls. A lot of time i want to listen back to a conversation so it would be very useful if I could play back the call.

2. Add voice disguiser. Sometimes i don't wish to give my real voice to people , so something like this would be really useful to help protect my identity.

3. Add read receipts. A lot of times i want to know if the other person read my message so can it be possible to add this to the app?

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Hey Mateo! Thanks for your feedback, and I'll go through explanations of each one for you:

1. It would be illegal to have the option to record a call without explicit consent (such as when you call a call centre), so this is not a feature that we will be exploring

2. Again, I do not believe that this is something that aligns with our terms of use, so unfortunately, not a feature that will be explored at this point in time. 

3. With regards to this, this is mostly a network/technological block. Apps that implement "read" receipts can do so because they can only support conversations on the same network. For example, if you're using iMessage with another iPhone user, that ability is available. However, as soon as you use your iPhone messenger to message another Android user, that option disappears. 
Same block would be with TextNow- if you're messaging with a non TextNow user, there is absolutely no conversation had on the back-end network level to be able to tell when a user has read your message, and vice versa. This is due to many reasons, again, one of them being privacy related. So while it is a convenient feature, it's not easily implemented. 

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For number 3 I would suggest asking the recipient to respond when read. A reply of simply .. would be easy and provide a time date stamp. You can even add this request as part of your signature which is sent with every message. Depends on the recipient, but I think most would be willing.

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