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deleted conversations needed for rape case

I was working with a guy who got my textnow number while sitting in the managers office off his board. Its been a very scary feeling and I'm looking to put him away before he strikes again. he seemed nice but I told him I wanted to be friends several times. when we saw each other at work, he took my phone off the counter and deleted the text comments he kept making about wanting to touch me. well at work he put his hands on me and yet I have absolutely no way to prove it. was wondering how I needed to go about getting them so I could file charges. would greatly appreciate any and all help. thank you.

Marissa Spears

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Hey Marissa, I'm terribly sorry to hear of your situation. 

In your case, the best course of action would be to involve law enforcement, as we can't retrieve deleted messages from a user end. However, with a subpoena request, our back-end/abuse team can do their best to pull up any available records for your case. 

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